Augustinian Monastery, Erfurt

Augustian Monastery Erfurt.jpg

The Augustinian Monastery in Erfurt was founded in the 13th century. The church and the majority of the monastery buildings were constructed between 1276 and 1340. By the time Martin Luther joined the order on July 17, 1505, the Augustinerkloster was a respected center of Catholic learning with a theological college and an extensive library. In 1507, Luther was ordained priest and began studying theology at the University of Erfurt. In 1512, he received his doctorate and became a professor at the university. The Augustinian Church is the oldest part of the monastery, occupying the site of a parish church of St. Phillip and St. Jacob that was built in 1131. It is a majestic building with three aisles and a noteworthy collection of original Gothic stained-glass windows from the early 14th century, one of which portrays the life of St. Augustine in multiple scenes. In the summer, the Augustinian Monastery hosts weekly 10pm concerts in the church or its courtyard. The monastery church has a magnificent Walcker organ which is available to accompany visiting choirs. The main pipe organ is located at the back of the church while a swell box is affixed to the side of the sanctuary generating very interesting acoustics.