Lutherkirche, leipzig

Construction of the Lutherkirche in Leipzig was started in 1883 to commemorate Martin Luther’s 400th birthday. A beautiful mosaic of the Luther Rose can be seen at the entrance. The church sustained substantial damage during WW II and was severely neglected during the time of the GDR. Since the merger of the Luther and St. Thomas Church congregations in 2002 this neo-gothic building has been used primarily for concerts due to its amazing acoustics. The Luther Church is currently being renovated. Once construction is completed it will be integrated into the campus of the Forum Thomanum, which is part of the famous St. Thomas Boys Choir Academy. The re-opening is scheduled for the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation in 2017. The renovated church will be a multi-functional space suitable for concerts, professional music recordings and worship services. The St. Thomas Boys Choir is scheduled to use the refurbished Luther Church as one of its main concert venues in Leipzig.