Experience the art, culture, history, music and people of "Lutherland", the area in Eastern Germany that gave birth to the Reformation. In cooperation with an ecumenical roster of church leaders and scholars, and with the support from the German National Tourist Office, Perform International has developed multiple programs that provide for a rewarding travel experience. All itineraries include several performance opportunities in historic and musically significant venues. Perform International also ensures that an inspiring Pastoral Leader will travel with your group should you so desire.


Your days will be filled with inspiring studies, memorable performances and illuminating visits to the important historical sites of the Reformation. Preview our sample programs below and call us to customize your Reformation Anniversary experience and fulfill your vision for this grand commemoration.

The perform international experience

  • Perform International ("PI") is working with an ecumenical panel of advisors who are respected scholars and musicians. Their advice flows into all PI programs and will make your experience profoundly meaningful.
  • Our Pastoral Leaders will help guide you, your singers and congregation on a journey through "Lutherland" and, if you so choose, the rest of Europe. They will ensure that you have a spiritual experience of worship, prayer, and praise that will challenge and inspire you.
  • Perform International carefully selects local guides who are well-studied experts in the history and notable sites of the Reformation.
  • In coordination with the members of the Advisory Panel from Bethel University, Calvin College and St. Olaf College, PI is developing a curriculum of study in history and scripture for daily devotionals to prepare each traveler for a thoughtful, meaningful, and, hopefully, life-changing tour experience.
  • Our programs have the option to provide you, your choir and congregation with the opportunity to sing, study and worship together and with local German Christians. 

perform international program suggestions

                          Lutherland                         Learn More →


                        Learn More →

             The Reformation & the Alps                          Learn More →

             The Reformation & the Alps

                         Learn More →

                   Music & Reformation                         Learn More →

                   Music & Reformation

                        Learn More →

                    The Early Reformers                         Learn More →

                    The Early Reformers

                        Learn More →

                    The Great Reformers                          Learn More →

                    The Great Reformers

                         Learn More →

                 The Reformation Trail                           Learn More →

                 The Reformation Trail

                          Learn More →

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