St. Thomarkirche, leipzig

St. Thomas Church Leipzig

The St. Thomaskirche in Leipzig is one of Germany’s most prominent place of worship and concert venue. It is the home of the St. Thomas Boys Choir and also the final resting place of the famous St. Thomas Cantor, Johann Sebastian Bach. Visitors from all over the world come to Leipzig to observe church services in the St. Thomas Church, hear a motet from the St. Thomas Boys Choir, or to take pleasure in concerts and organ music. Statues of Bach and Mendelssohn were erected just outside of the church and each composer has a stained-glass window in St. Thomas Church dedicated to him. There has been a church at the current site of the Thomaskirche since the 12th century. Originally the church was part of an Augustinian monastery. Today’s Gothic structure dates from the early 1700 and is a Lutheran church. In fact, Martin Luther preached here on Pentecost Sunday in 1539.