The Great Reformers 10-Days / 8-Nights

Grossmunster Zurich

John Calvin, John Knox and Huldrych Zwingli greatly influenced the Reformation movement. Follow in their steps on this journey through Switzerland and Germany. Visit St. Peter's Cathedral in Geneva where Calvin preached over 2,000 sermons and attend Worship Service at the World Council of Churches, a worldwide fellowship of churches which confess the Lord Jesus Christ as God and Savior according to the scriptures. Zwingli became a leader of the Reformation in Switzerland when in 1518 he began to preach ideas of reforming the Catholic church at Grossmünster Cathedral in Zurich. The ideas of Zwingli came to Martin's Luther's attention and the two met at the Marburg Colloquy together with other early leaders of the Reformation. Zwingli was perhaps the most highly cultivated musically of these men. In childhood a remarkable singer, he could also play seven instruments, and is known as the composer of several Reformation hymns. Throughout your journey there will ample opportunities to sing the hymns of the Reformation in historically significant spaces that are closely intertwined with this historic event. In Zurich you will see the Grossmünster Cathedral, still the city's main Protestant church and the Zwingli monument.  Traveling further north, you will visit the Wartburg Castle, Erfurt, Leipzig, Wittenberg and Berlin. The Augustinian Monastery, the Bach Museum, the Schloss- and Stadtkirche and the Luther Museum are just a few of the amazing sites that you will see. Participating in a Music Worship Service and performing in concert while commemorating the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation will be the highlights of your journey.

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